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Saji Samba

Wedding Show

🎶Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues. ..
Samba Dance Class

Samba Dance London London Dance Classes ​

Visa Card Rio Olympics

Saji modelling one of her Costumes for Visa Card as part of their Rio Olympics Campaign

Belly Dance Show

Belly Dance Performance


Rio Carnival Samba Show in Hitchin, Rhythms of the World

Cranleigh Carnival 2017

Rio Carnival Samba at the Cranleigh Carnival Festival

Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Notting Hill Carnival 2017


Rio Carnival Samba Show at ISH House, London

Representing #verderosa as you do on a Saturday on the high street 😂_#samba #dancer #passista #samb
_ One Women can make a difference but together we can rock the World_ _#thankyou #sambistas #passist
Bar Salsa Samba Show
Samba Carnival

Rio Brazilian Carnival Show for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Brazilian Carnival
Samba Show Festival

Brazilian Carnival Show

Marsden March 2018 Carnival Show

Rio Carnival Samba Show at the Marsden March 2018 with Bloco do Sul Photo Credit: Chris Salmen

Passista Dancer

Brazilian Carnival Show

Samba , Carnival Dancer UK, Costumes , Samba Band

Samba , Carnival dancer , Surrey , UK, Marsden March , stage show

Samba Festival Surrey

Carnival Show at Islington Canal Festival

Marsden March 2018

Carnival Show in support of the Marsden March 2018 at The Royal Marsden Hospital Photo credit : Chris Salmen

Belly Dance
Belly Dance Show
samba show

carnival show

Carnival Show for Yorkshire Building Society

Cranleigh Carnival with Bloco do Sul

Cranleigh Carnival with Bloco do Sul Samba Band

Samba Show


Carnival Costume

Carnival Show, Bar Salsa

Passista Samba Dancer
Belly Dance Performance

Belly Dance Shows , Restaurants

Brazilian Show , Surrey

Carnival Show , Ireland

St Patrick's Day Carnival Parade

Passista Dancers
Samba Stage Show

On stage at Marsden March with Bloco do Sul

Glastonbury Carnival Show

Glastonbury Carnival

Filming for the BBC News Olympics coverage

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