Samba Dance and Drum Carnival Workshops:

Saji, Brazilian Carnival Samba Dancer | Samba Dance Teacher| Belly Dancer  


Saji regularly holds Samba Dance Workshops and Outreach projects in Dance. 

Saji also works with Samba Drumming Band, Bloco do Sul to deliver Samba Carnival Drum and Dance Workshops.  

As a Teacher Saji delivers the Maximum Values and Standards in Workshops, Cultural Awarness and Artistic Facilitation.

Workshops can be customized and modified to meet the needs of the participants and is suitable for participants from different age and backgrounds.

Saji has worked with the following :

* Brownies and the Girl Guides

* Primary and Secondary Schools

* Universities and College Students

* Public Council Community Events / Dance Workshops

* Charities  

The benefits of taking part in Samba Dancing and Drumming

Workshop include:


•Working Individually, in pairs and in a group as a team

•Collaboration and Partnership

•Self-Confidence , Self Belief, Self Assurance

•Synchronization Skills and Organization Skills

•Listening and Numeracy skills

•Tolerance, Coordination and Imagination

Samba Dance Workshop, Brownies , Surrey 2019
Samba Dance Workshops for the Brownies/Girl Guides

Dance and Drum Outreach Carnival Workshop:


As part of our Social Responsibilty we also offer an outreach projects and work with different groups who may not normally have access to Samba Carnival Cuture.

Saji and Bloco do Sul delivered a Drum and Dance Workshop for the Freewheelers Theatre Company for their Rio Carnival project. Freewheelers are a company that involves people with and without disabilities in producing and performing in high quality theatre, film, dance and music that challenge barriers and perceptions. 

Carnival Dance and Drum Workshop
St Albans, UK , IOF Festival, Verulamium