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Feel Amazing about Yourself 

Weekly Rio Carnival Samba Dance Classes

Sunday 11am -12.20 pm Intermediate / Advance Open Level, Technique, Combinations and Choreography/ ONLINE ONLY 


January  2021 onwards:

In light of recent events, we are moving online and will be offering the Samba Sunday class (11am  -12.20  - Intermediate / Advance Class) online, which you can enjoy with Saji in the comfort of your own home.

Please contact us via the contacts page please for further information. 


​£10 per class 

Islington Arts Factory

2 Parkhurst Road

London N7 7SF

Nearest tube: Holloway/Calledonian Road


Learn the basics, the foundation, the roots of Samba dance and rhythms. 

You will learn the individual moves and rhythms which will then be combined into a choreography full of happiness!

Focus will be on:

*Steps associated to Samba, Samba no Pe and Passos Marcardos

*Drills and Combinations

*Spins and turns with power and confidence 

*Malandro and Passista Character Styling

*Arms/ Posture/ Lines/ Footwork/ Hips/ Sensuality / Presentation 

*Charm, Elegance, Glamour and Grace

*Rhythmic Variations including Partido Alto, Samba de Terreiro , Batucada and Samba Enredo

Student performance opportunities will be available for those who wish to participate in a Rio Carnival style performance. 

Samba is a Solo dance, no partner required


"Samba Dance will increase physical confidence, improve mental functioning, improve general and psychological wellbeing and give you greater self-confidence and self-esteem".

Samba helps in releasing a lot of sweat along with which all toxins are freed from the body

The energetic movements of Samba help in the release of Endorphins that help in altering mood

Samba will help you improve your:

*motor coordination

*dance routines and moving to music

*musicality and musical interpretation

*cardio-vascular system

*posture, agility and flexibility

The classes are open to singles, couples and groups. Just bring a SMILE!!!

So dance, have fun, and challenge yourself to the rhythm of SAMBA and

Get Fit the Brazilian Way!



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Student Carnival Performance at Islington Street Party 2018

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